Quotable Quotes on Prayer

1.  ' Praying is the best school in which to learn to pray, prayer the best

dictionary to define the art and nature of praying. " - E.M. Bounds

2. "Prayer reminds us of our constant need for God and reassures us of His

presence with us. Prayer is part of God's plan for our growth and for His program in the world. In prayer we don't tell God what to do; we find out what He wants us to do. " - David Hubbard

3.  ' In prayer you align yourself to the purpose and power of God and He is

able to do things through you that He could not do otherwise... for this is an open universe, where some things are left open, contingent upon our doing them. If we do not do them, they will never be done. So God has left certain things open to prayer— things which will never be done except as we pray. '  - Dr. E. Stanley Jones

4. " Prayer has in it the possibility to affect everything which affects us.

Here are the vast possibilities of prayer. Wisdom, knowledge, holiness and heaven are at the command of prayer. Nothing is outside of prayer."

- E. M. Bounds

5.  " Prayer is as vast as God because He is behind it. Prayer is as mighty as

God because He has committed Himself to answer it. ' - Leonard Ravenhill

6.  " Other activities produce what we can do. Prayer output is what God can do."

-. Virginia Whitman

7.  " Prayer is the key that unlocks all the storehouses of God's infinite

grace and power. All that God is, and that God has, is at the disposal of prayer. " - R. A. Torrey

8. "A man's prayers are the measure of his Christianity, understanding of

spiritual matters, and experience of God. To fail in prayer is to fail in all else. Prayer is the place of testing and conflict; for prayer challenges all doubt, disillusionment, all material and cardinal pre­occupation. '   - E. M. Blaiklock

9. ' When you ask one whom you are loyally serving with all your might for the

means of carrying on this service, would he resent your plea as an effort to 'change his mind'? Would he not rather regard your persistence as a sign of your boundless faith in both his capacity to assist you and his understanding? ... while the ultimate goal of God is constant, the divine strategy of reaching that goal may be swiftly and joyously altered in the light of the occurrence of the costly prayers of committed men and women'."

-Douglas V. Steere

10. " The matter of supreme importance is that we discover the method of prayer

which brings us most actually to realize the presence of God and hold communion with Him.  The place, the time, the method, are matters concern­ing which there must, be ..individual choice and decision. The matter of supreme importance is the cultivation of the habit of prayer.

-  G. Campbell Morgan

11. ' Prayer should be as natural as breathing and as enjoyable as eating."

-  E. W. Kenyon

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"Let's face it: life is fraught with choices, some of which are not all that clear-cut. Though the Bible is crystal clear about certain moral principles and doctrines, there are other subtle, yet important issues it does not discuss in detail. What is the best way to rear our children; to relate and witness to non Christians; to deal with concerns about financial debt, credit cards and savings, to know God's will concerning a job change or relocation?  These and 1000 other questions should make us ask the Lord daily to teach us the right way to live.  God has an answer to every challenge we face, and he will reveal it to us as we pray in a childlike fashion.  As a Father leads his child by the hand, the Lord will guide us day by day. 

Our struggle is to slowdown long enough to spend time with God to do two things: ask and listen.  It helps of course if we realize that were not as smart as we think.  We really do need the Holy Spirit's help to navigate through life.

 Today prayer for personal guidance is almost a lost art.  Our tendency is to run around do what we think best and then ask God to bless our activity.  We can learn a lesson from the leaders of Israel who approached the prophet Jeremiah in the midst of a political and military crisis.  Their request was simple: “ Pray that the Lord your God will tell us where we should go what we should do.  Jeremiah 42:3

God's plan for lives includes the where we should go and the what we should do.  Waiting before Him for direction is never a waste of time.  As we pray, we also learn that “less” is often “more” as the Lord guides our steps.  Ten words spoken to someone at God's prompting will accomplish more than 100 of our own.”