Common Forms of Group Praying

1.   SHARED PRAYER - One person prays aloud while others listen and join themselves to the


2.   CONVERSATIONAL PRAYER - Similar to shared prayer, only people take turns praying out

loud, as they feel led.

3.   WORD OF PRAYER - In the word of prayer the object is not to share a prayer with others so

that they can understand our prayer and join with it in their minds. Rather, the word of prayer allows for a form of group personal prayer. Each of us prays individually to God in our own words or in tongues, praying aloud in a moderate tone of voice (generally), so that others can hear that we are praying and be build up and encouraged to pray more fervently themselves. In this form of prayer no single voice is supposed to dominate. Rather, the voices ought to blend together in volume so that one's individual prayer becomes part of the whole prayer of the community.*

4.   INDIVIDUALLY, YET IN THE SAME PLACE - This form of group prayer is not as unified as a

Word of Prayer is. Everyone is praying, some out loud and some silently. Some people may be kneeling, some standing and some walking back and forth. However, since we are all in the same room, we can hear that others are praying. At times, we may join ourselves to someone else's prayer. There is a unity of the Spirit that can flow through the room. These factors make it different from each person praying individually in separate places.

The important thing for us to realize is that there are a variety of ways to pray with other people. These forms can vary according to the situation, or the personal preference of the people involved. Even though we may not feel comfortable with some forms of group prayer, it is good for us to try praying with others in different ways. As we become accustomed to the uniqueness of different types of group prayer, the Holy Spirit can inspire us as to what form we should employ in a given situation.

*Excerpt from Participating in Prayer Meetings,, by Jim Cavnar, page 11

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