Prayer Troubleshooting Guide

What keeps us from praying alone?

Hindrances                                                            Strategy

1.    Too busy; no time                             1. Schedule a time, seize every opportunity,
(urgent vs. important)                                eliminate something else

2.    Unfaithful to scheduled time,           2. Schedule an alternate time, start with a
or scheduled time interrupted                  shorter period, make your scheduled time known to others

3.    Reluctant attitude; too much            3. Praise, read Scriptures. Talk to others                       work                                                        about prayer

4.    Lack of appropriate place               4. Talk to friend or family about place in

                                                             home, make arrangements with others

5.  Fatigue, illness; weakness of          5. Reduce sugar intake, get regular rest
body and/or mind                                      and exercise

What keeps us from praying with others?

Hindrances                                                            Strategy

1.    Don't plan ahead                           1. Schedule a time; make time

2.    Pride, self consciousness           2. Humble yourself, realize you are part of a Body

3.    Ignorance of the importance        3. Education through classes, literature,
of group prayer                                         exhortation, etc.

4.    Fear of lengthiness                       4. Have a set time to stop

5.    Childcare responsibilities            5. Train children to sit still                                                               get someone else to watch them; trade babysitting

What keeps us from praying effectively alone or with others?

Hindrances                                                            Strategy

1.   Mind wanders                              1. Use a prayer list, a memo pad and pen

                                                            to write down distracting thoughts, pray aloud;

                                                            verbalize, also visualize

2.    Distracted by time limitation         2.  Use an alarm clock

3.    Guilt trip                                     3. Remember Holy Spirit convicts, He does not condemn,

                                                            read or quote Scriptures concerning God's mercy and

                                                            your worthiness through the blood of Christ

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