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(page 53,Getting More from your Bible by Terry Hall, Victor Books 1984)  


Major Events and People in the 17 Action-advancing Books

1. GENESIS- The Beginning of: The World, Mankind, Sin, Promised Savior, The Nations & Languages, The Hebrew people (Abraham, Isaac, & Jacob) (Adam & Eve, Noah & the Flood, Tower of Babel, Abraham, Joseph)

2. and 3. EXODUS & NUMBERS - Moses & nation of Israel, born in slavery, leave Egypt and journey towards Promised Land, fail to believe God and wander in wilderness for 40 years.

4. JOSHUA - Joshua leads Israel into Possessing the Promised Land of Canaan

5. JUDGES- After death of Joshua, Israel mingles with Canaanites and enter a

period of repeated disobedience, chastisement, repentance, deliverance, and then disobedience, etc. God raises up a succession of 15 judges that rule Israel over a period of 300 yrs.(Samson, Gideon, Deborah, etc.)

6.  I SAMUEL- Samuel (last judge & first prophet), Saul (Israel's first king),

David's years before he became king ( fights Goliath,etc.)

7. II SAMUEL- David's early reign as King

8. I KINGS- David's son Solomon succeeds him as king; after the death of Solomon the nation of Israel is divided into two: Israel in North, Judah in South. The ministry of Elijah and call of Elisha are found in this book also.

9.  II KINGS- history of the kingdoms of Israel and Judah, book centers mostly around the last days of Elijah, and the ministry of Elisha.

10. EZRA- Return of the people of Judah from Babylonian Captivity, Temple rebuilt

11. NEHEMIAH- rebuilding of walls of Jerusalem, restoration of ancient ordinances




12. MATTHEW, 13.MARK, 14. LUKE, and 15. JOHN – The Four Gospels together cover the birth & ministry of John the Baptist and of Jesus Christ. They focus primarily on the ministry of Christ.

16.ACTS- also written by Luke covers a period of over 30 years of church history. It begins with Jesus' Ascension and beginning of Church on Day of Pentecost. Chapters 1-12 focus on the ministry of Peter, chapters 13-28 on Paul.

 17. REVELATION- Written at close of Apostolic Era (90-95 A.D.) This is an apocalyptic form of writng that symbolically deals with events prior to it's date of writing, current with the time of writing, events that would happen after, and events that are yet to happen even today. It ties in closely with Daniel & other O.T. prophetic writngs. So, one could say it takes us from the close of Apostolic Era to the End of the Ages.

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